Super Huge Infinity Reels: An Overview of the Slot

Super Massive Infinity Reels is the third game released by Hot Rise Games and is powered by Relax Gaming. This is the first game from the developer to not employ the Hot 1 concept; instead, it uses the Infinity Reels technology developed by ReelPlay under license. Well, it’s favored among programmers who can’t get enough of the Infinity Reels idea. It’s up to new studio Hot Rise Games to prove whether or not their approach can make anything worthwhile of it.

Before we start the reels, here’s some exposition to set the stage. “The most powerful celestial object in the universe, from which not even light can escape” is the inspiration for “Super Massive.” There’s no word about black holes, but I assume this is what they mean. It is said that in Super Massive, “the rules of space and time are beyond the understanding of mankind.” It’s a shame, because the tale has some interesting elements, but the remainder of the game doesn’t live up to its promise. The background of Super Massive glows and pulses like a simplified version of the Hadron Collider or the interior of an atom, giving it a Tron-like aesthetic. The images are underwhelming after the epic buildup of the backstory.

Payouts occur when at least four identical symbols appear on the first two reels, or when three identical symbols appear on all three reels, beginning with the first paid spin in a 3×3 sized grid. Super Massive, which relies more on fusion than fission, is based on a moderately risky mathematical model that produces a potential return value of 95.86%. The purportedly massiveness is playable on any device, with betting ranging from 30 percent to 90 pounds or euros every spin.

Super Massive’s symbols also feel mismatched; it’s hard to picture bananas and horseshoes as the universe’s most potent items. Never worry, from cheapest to most expensive, we get the letters J through A, the symbols for music, apples, horseshoes, lightning bolts, egg timers, and diamonds. Wild symbols depicted by stars can appear on reels 2 through 5, with the exception of reel 1. When more reels are utilized, wilds that appear as part of a natural event duplicate themselves and move to the right by two or three positions. These duplicate wilds do not produce more copies of themselves when included.

Slot Functions with Infinite Reels

The game’s major feature, Infinity Reels, involves the addition of a new reel on the right-hand side if a win involves all three reels. If the win increases with the new reel, another reel is added, and so on. If there is no winning combination, but a scatter symbol appears, an additional reel will be added.

Multiplier Symbol

Each each gaming round begins with a symbol multiplier of x1. The symbol multiplier grows by one for each additional reel, up to a maximum of one.

No Risk Turns

If you get six scatter symbols, you get 10 free games. The Repeating Prize is the sum of the numbers written on the scatter symbols that triggered the bonus. During the bonus round, scatter symbols have no monetary value, but landing at least five of them grants an additional five free spins. In addition, during free games, wild symbols that duplicate carry over their Repeating Prize value to their duplicate. The Repeating Prize is paid out if further reels are needed to reach these double wilds. If a wild appears in a repeated location on a freshly added reel, the value of the Repeating Prize is increased by a factor of two. Any symbol win that includes one of these stacked wilds counts as two symbols.

Spend Money on a Bonus

Costing 100 times the entire wager, players have the option of purchasing more spins. After spending money, a spin is played yielding between six and ten scatter symbols.

Judgment on the Slot Machine with Infinite Reels

The game sheet’s blather about the cosmos, time, and space served as a source of great motivation. The reality, however, was far less remarkable, as Super Massive got off to a slow start and never recovered. The Hypernova Infinity Reels associations and the rudimentary visuals did not help matters. Okay, Hot Rise tried to integrate the curved game grid with the background and the rotating nature of Infinity Reels, but the market has moved away from curved televisions for a reason.

Super Massive’s gameplay is fairly typical Infinity Reels fare. When you have a win, you get to add another reel, and so on. Sometimes it’s fun to string together a long series of Infinity Reel features, but it’s a shame there isn’t an Infinity Bonus. Once you get past the surface, you’ll find that the replicating wild feature is serviceable, though it doesn’t really shine until free spins are engaged. It’s entertaining to win Repeating Prizes from the replicated wilds during those free spins. The final destiny of Super Massive, however, is somewhat depressing. Despite the game’s name and its use of adjectives like “massive” and “infinity,” the maximum payout for Super huge is just 1,042 times the wager.

The sound of Super Massive reminded me of a rocket ship with a blown old HEMI engine that some hasty engineer had put to it and thought would get them to the moon. Something was lost in transit from the ideation stage to the implementation stage of Super Massive. Maybe it didn’t, and Hot Rise still has a ways to go before it reaches its full potential as a designer. Whatever the case may be, Super Massive’s excessively optimistic and subjective moniker didn’t help it catch on with audiences.

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